Find Your Freedom Within

Find Your Freedom Within

Finding Your Freedom starts within

I was out running today, and these thoughts were flying around in my head.

Running fast is cool but running further is brave.

Being willing to push the body to the limit to find out how much it can achieve to me is the sole point of existence.

Performing to your maximum and growing with each step along the way,

discovering what truly lies within.

Running hundreds of loops around a track is not exciting.

To the neighborhood runners circling the same blocks, where are you going that is new?

Pounding the road or pavement where anyone can drive, ride or stroll doesn’t cut it either for me.

Driving to a gym to get on the treadmill, yeah at times this may be all you have time for but really and truly what joy does this actually bring?

Not to take shots at anyone who does these.

To me, lacing up your shoes, hitting a trail and discovering new paths is the thing that brings excitement.

Seeing the beauty mother nature has to offer with your own eyes,

soaking up the surroundings, smelling the air, hearing the animals move around in their habitat.

Understanding what your body can accomplish, feeling every step as your foot strikes the ground, listening to your breathing, deciding whether to keep pushing or dial it back in a little.

Locking in and staying on top of your hydration and nutrition as you venture out there further and further, pushing the boundaries you already know.

Reaching new places and making new discoveries.

This is the feeling of true freedom.

For me trail running brings this sense to the surface every time I step out there on a long run, heading out on the journey of discovery.

Entering the unknown and coming out with a deeper understanding of the now known.

Becoming limitless with each run completed.

True freedom is found in the unknown.

For me ultra-running puts me into the unknown.

Have you found your freedom?