About TOP

About Us

TOP was founded in 2021, the vision had started back in 2016 when Benny decided to leave the British Army and pursue helping others improve their fitness, health, and Performance.

After joining the British Army at 16 years old, passing the All-Arms Pre-Parachute Selection and earning the highly coveted maroon beret and British Jump wings. Deploying on operational tours, living, and operating in jungles, mountains, and deserts. He wanted to take the unique skills he had learned during his 12-year military career, coupled with his passion for fitness and helping others, and create TOP. A brand tailored to helping individuals be the best versions of themselves.


Harnessing the full spectrum from personal discipline, building a resilient mindset, conditioning the body to perform in any situation and most importantly to educate towards a healthier and happier way of living and sustaining a longer prosperous life.


Inside of us all there is huge amount of untapped potential, hence the slogan “find your inner athlete”. TOP is here to help you unlock your full potential, teach you how to maximize and create a system which will continue to reward your efforts.


To help do this we brought together an awesome team of people

Team Members

Benny Bennett


Born in Bradford, United Kingdom – Certified Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Kettlebell and Suspension Trainer Certified.

Benny has a thirst for answering the unknown questions of what is physically and mentally achievable. He has climbed Mount Kenya and Mount Charleston. Competent alpine skier. Avid endurance runner including marathons, Boston Marathon qualifier and ultra-running. Completing the Tushar’s 100km Mountain race in Utah 2021 and 2023. Pushing his limits by completing a 107-mile mountain ultra in Creede Colorado 2022. Now the quest for Ironman is on the horizon as Benny pursues the Arizona Full Ironman later this year.

Benny enjoys exploring the outdoors, hiking, running, kayaking and rock climbing.

Playing soccer with Vision 99 FC, quenching his thirst for competition weekly.

Favorite sports are Soccer, American Football and Basketball. In his free time spending quality time with his wife is a priority.

“Never Stop, Never Settle, Time is more precious than any metal”

Ryan Samson


Ryan Samson is Born and bred on British soil, a proud Yorkshireman and warrior of peace, love and prosperity.

Ryan served 7 years in the British Army where his main roles were as a Frontline Reconnaissance Soldier, Sniper and Physical Training Instructor.


“I can confidently say that fitness saved my life and my mantra towards exercise is train hard, fight easy!”


Whether on task in support of special forces operations, playing sports (semiprofessional) or managing the many rigors of everyday life, developing and maintaining a high level of fitness has been paramount to Ryan’s many successes.


Ryan believes the world we live in is forever changing and so too are the challenges and demands that are placed against our bodies. As sentient beings blessed with the gift of life, it is our responsibility to protect and nurture our spirit by maintaining, developing, and relaxing our physical self.


Silence the mind, make savage the body!


As one of the trainers at Tier One Performance LV, Ryan will guide you to the doorway to fitness, freedom, functionality & fun, with particular emphasis on the fun part.

Ryan will implement a variety of workouts ranging from body weight circuits to Mountain climbing to cycling, his aim is to provide progressive and regressive training ideas and plans to inspire people, from novice training enthusiasts up to elite athletes, the main effort is to fully realize that health truly is wealth.

We are honored to have Ryan Samson part of Tier One Performance LV.

Kira Felise

Kira Felise is originally from San Leandro, California, but currently lives in Omaha, Nebraska.

Kira and her family have always been involved with sports such as volleyball, softball, baseball, and basketball, which is what inspired Kira to become an athletic trainer. She recently graduated in May 2020 from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where Kira received her Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training. Kira then went on to become Board Certified and a Licensed Athletic Trainer. During her time as an athletic training student, she has worked with UNLV Men’s Soccer, Desert Oasis High School, College of Southern Nevada Baseball, and Bishop Gorman High School.

Kira was as an Athletic Trainer at PRISM Physical Therapy, a clinic in Las Vegas treating high-caliber athletes and working alongside knowledgeable physical therapists.

Kira is currently the head Athletic Trainer of Nebraska University baseball team.

Kira is excited to share her vast wealth of knowledge she has learned and is continuing to learn about athletic training for athletes of all levels.

We are honored to have Kira Felise as part of Tier One Performance LV.